This first MM furniture project is a hand painted coffee table made in our own studio of MDF. It's 60 x 60 x 41 cm.
It is coated with an smooth and protective epoxy varnish.

Custom made art by the MM-method is applied here too.
You choose design and colors, to acquire an art table. The one you see here is a prototype. Art should document our time, if you click on detail, you see what I mean. Hold your pointer on the photo to see the unpainted table.

Click on the photo to see variations of applied motives.

You can also order a coffee table with your own design or a painting from an other artist, a portrait of your lover, a tattoo design, or a photo. Prices from 900,- euro's, this one is sold.

Also you can now order custom made sofa's, chairs or a livingroom set made in collaboration with ZITZIT

For more info and tenders contact

The second MM furniture project.