The Mooie Muren method

Mooie Muren offer you exclusive hand painted murals or digitally printed wallpaper. Every mural or pattern
applied in a wallpaper are once-only.
Most murals look like hand painted wallpaper, but are seamless and patterns are not repeated.
The most exclusive possibility on offer is; a personal choice out of my own styles, then allow me to make a tailor-made design based on that particular style.
I will visit your house or company with my laptop and present the new design in a digital photo of your interior, which gives an optimal impression of the end result.

All designs can be applied in any chosen color. Use of the highest quality materials is guaranteed.

MM method involves printing MM design, but also your design, photo or the work of the artist of your choice on;

aluminum, trespa, dibond, paper, canvas, linen, weather resistant
vinyl, textile, curtain, head resistant tiles and glass tiles, T-shirts, clothes,
resin floors, mats, decorated boxes, place mats, lamp shades, stickers, car wrap (self adhesive vinyl, for car graphics) and on what you bring in yourself.

The MM method involves painting MM design, but also your design, photo or the work of the artist of your choice on;

coffee table and dinner table (made in our own workplace), candleholders, decorated boxes, resin floors, birds houses, more Vian; graphics and paintings,
weather resistant billboards, name plates, house number plates, or objects/furniture of your choice to be pimped.

Art is no longer just an addition to, but more and more an essential part of our interiors. Art is appreciation for our surroundings, most often
our interiors.
Mooie Muren offers 5% of his profit to protection of the rain Forests in the Amazones.